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The five devices you need to work anytime

Jack June 4, 2020 0 Comments

The modern workplace is more flexible than ever before. This is mainly thanks to high-speed internet connections and the huge advancements in mobile technology that allow people to create reports, contribute to projects even while on the road.

Long gone are the days when everyone was tied to their desks nine to five, but to free yourself from these shackles you’ll need the right equipment. Here’s our pick of the devices that every road warrior should have in their travel bag.

Always-Connected PC

When away from an office there are two things that a device must have if it’s going to keep you working: an internet connection and long battery life. Traditional laptops can sometimes deliver the latter,  but are frequently reliant on public Wi-Fi to get online,

which limits their scope, slows you down, and makes working in public a threat to

privacy. That’s why the new range of Always-Connected PCs is an essential component of any mobile productivity kit. You can connect select HP laptops securely wherever work takes you on America’s most reliable network, Verizon*.

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These lightweight, highly portable devices come with LTE capabilities, just like you’d find in a smartphone. That means you can send those critical documents, or log onto

the workplace servers even if the nearest Starbucks is twenty blocks away.

A range of Intel processors are incredibly efficient, which results in impressively long times between needing to charge the devices. The HP EliteBook range will let you work for more than 50 hours on a single charge.

Privacy is another advantage on this class of PC, as Verizon’s LTE data connection , in many cases, faster than public Wi-Fi, while offering better security because it is encrypted. Ideal for keeping your latest innovation away from the prying eyes of competitors.


Smartphones have gone from relatively simple devices a few years back to the fully-fledged pocket PCs we see in flagships today. It’s entirely possible to get a lot done while out and about, thanks to the LTE data connection and huge selection of apps aimed at productivity. Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, and Google Docs all offer the ability to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the go, plus the various GTD (Getting Things Done) themed apps can help you stay on top of projects no matter how complicated they become.

The smaller display size does make some tasks quite challenging, but even this can be overcome if you opt for one of the DeX-compatible Samsung smartphones (such as the Galaxy S10) that transform into workable PCs with just the addition of a portable display, keyboard, and mouse.

Portable Storage

One of the sacrifices made by smartphones, tablets, and slimline PCs to achieve their compact designs is that of storage space. It’s rare to find devices like these with large capacities, at least not without the ticket price becoming eye-wateringly high. That’s not a problem though, as the wily traveller will pack an external storage drive in their bag to ensure that the files they need are always at hand.

1TB models from the likes of Seagate, Toshiba, and WD normally sell around the $50 mark, but if you need more room then 4TB offerings often retail for $100. A particular bonus of these drives is that they can also act as a backup for the precious data on your laptop, adding security and peace of mind to the expanded storage.

Portable Projector

We’ve heard plenty of stories where people have travelled to meetings, having spent hours preparing presentations, only to discover that the supplied projector is incompatible with their device or that no-one has the right cable to connect it to their PC.

This is now entirely avoidable thanks to portable projectors like the Viewsonic M1, which for around $300 can ensure that your PowerPoint or Keynote creations get the viewing they deserve, all without adding bulk to your luggage.

Power Packs

Keeping devices charged when travelling can become a stressful obsession, leaving you frantically hunting for a wall socket when the battery symbol goes red. That’s why we’d always recommend investing in a good power pack to replenish your tech when things get desperate.

Be sure to check that the one you choose is compatible with all your devices, as tablets and laptops often requires higher voltages, then you won’t have to worry about suddenly losing your ability to work or stay in touch when you’re out and about.

The Swiss army knife

All of the above are excellent options for someone who spends large parts of their working life away from a desk. But, if you want just one device then the Always-Connected PC is the way to go. It’s easily the best for creating content, thanks to the LTE connection, and when it’s time to wind down you can either enjoy watching Netflix or fire up Skype to see everyone back home.

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