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ThePeople Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World Are Ones Who Do

 -Steve Jobs

  • Why Me?
  • High Quality Work


    Working 7 days and totalling over 60 hours of the week, I tend to finish jobs in a fraction of the time while maintaining high quality product.

  • Extra Resources


    To make this possible, from beginning to end, I hire a team of testers whom report back to me with any detailed issues and feedback. I also keep you in the loop by providing the product to use and/or test weekly, even daily if requested!

  • Adapting to Your Comfort Zone

    Time = Money

    Strive to create the best product at a fraction of the cost, which are paid in intervals you create. I go beyond the requirements by demonstrating my creativity and experience to your project to make it unique and stunning with 24/7 support.

Jack Zakaria

I’m a web and mobile developer that is passionate about innovating ideas and dreams. I’ve built and own Rangolite, a group chat for uWindsor students to connect with fellow classmates in each class section; ToTheTime, the private channel for people attending an event. Aside from that I’m an all around sports fan whom hosts his own football fantasy league. If you were to ask me what I want to do on my day off, “skydiving” would be my answer without hesitation. Have I ever been? Unfortunately, no, haven’t had a day off.

Designers & Testers

Design and quality are a critical yet essential aspect for a user experience. I have a team of top notch designers whom will turn your vision to perfection. I understand things can’t be done right on the first try, hence I give you the unlimited revisions to your theme at no additional costs. I also have a team of testers whom report back to me with issues. From security issues to a simple design issue they have you covered for the highest quality possible! This is Luxury at its finest.

What Would You Like Developed?

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